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City Officials

Who should you listen to? The vocal few? The silent majority? We know sometimes a small number of people can dominate town hall meetings. And we know city staff can spend hours compiling mailing campaigns, or on social media and email, just to understand what citizens want. Polco lets you reach all citizens and collect their input in a verified and validated way.


All Citizens

Have you ever been to a city council meeting? If not, we understand. We're all busy and sometimes it's impractical. But someone is going, and if it's not you, you're giving up your chance to be heard. You might be surprised at the things you miss - new parks (or parking lots), tax increases, traffic laws - many things that affect all of us. Polco lets you quickly see what's going on in your city and vote on issues, so your representatives know how you feel.

Where can you use Polco

You can use Polco on our website or mobile apps, but you may also find our policy voting widgets on Facebook, Twitter, and on local news sites. Pretty neat, huh? See ya out there!

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