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What is Polco?

Polco is a platform designed to increase civic engagement, improve government transparency, and inform municipal governments of constituents’ input which, in turn, will help better guide public policy.

What products does Polco offer?

Polco provides the tools for municipalities to collect citizens’ views concerning proposed legislation and even notional agenda items. Community responses are validated using the local voter database to verify the responses. Civic engagement is enhanced by using websites, widgets, and apps to meet the citizens where they are. Citizens become more active and informed participants in the political process by voicing their views to municipal leaders and other citizens. Polco makes voicing opinions accessible, easy, convenient.

What can decision makers post to Polco?

We are continually updating the types of content that can be posted to Polco based on customer needs and market analysis. But in general, you can post the types of survey questions you'd expect, along with some other useful Polco creations. You can learn more by checkout our content types.

What services does Polco offer?

Polco services are extensions of Polco products. Once a citizen has expressed their view on a particular piece of legislation, Polco aggregates the data and provides powerful data visualization tools to help local decision makers create public policies that align with the values and views of the citizens they represent.

Who we are

Polco's core team is a tight knit group of veterans dedicated to improving the political process. Before starting Polco they were economists, policy analysts and advisors, consultants, and software engineers for some of the world’s best companies. Collectively the team has worked at Amazon, Google, overseas embassies, and the White House.

How much does Polco cost?

Polco is free for citizens. For municipal governments we offer advanced polling and analysis for a small fee. In all cases, we have found Polco to be a significantly less expensive option than traditional means of gathering voter sentiment. If you are a municipal official and want to find out more about our services, visit our pricing page.

How is a user’s identity authenticated?

Users register through the Polco website, where they provide their address, which is cross-referenced with the city's voter registration database. User addresses are never released. The reports generated for representatives go only to a district or municipal level, not an individual voter’s record.

What is Polco’s privacy policy?

See Polco’s Privacy Policy here.

What are Polco’s Terms of Use?

See Polco’s Terms of Use here.

Who benefits from Polco?

Citizens benefit by helping to guide public policy. Municipalities and other government officials benefit by making informed decisions on the public’s behalf.
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